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Edit a DNS Zone using the DNS zone editor in WHM

This article assumes you’ve logged into your WHM already. From the left menu in your WHM control panel, you’ll need to locate the “Edit DNS Zone” option. You can simply begin by typing in the search box at the top & it’ll automatically populate based on what you type.




The next step will be to choose your domain from the search box that is displayed with the list of your domains & then click “edit”. You will be presented with a similar entry to what’s shown below, which is the DNS Zone File editor.




Now that you’re in the zone editor, you can begin making the changes/additions you’d like to. Please note, you need to ensure you leave a “.” (period) at the end of each entry, as shown below:




To add a new entry, you will need to scroll to the very bottom of the zone editor to the section titled “Add New Entries Below this Line“:




To add a new entry, for example, let’s create an A record for a custom/private nameserver. We would enter “ns1” (or the value of your private nameservers if different) into the left box, select “A” from the drop down menu for the record type & then in the box shown on the right after choosing the record type, we’d enter in the IP address. Once you’ve entered in the correct information you’d like, you can simply click “save“.



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