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Setting up SSH/FTP Storage For Backup & Data Storage

In order to get started with our SSH/FTP Storage, you’ll first need to proceed with ordering a cpanel storage plan. You can do so like shown below.

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1. Choose your plan


2. Enter your DNS name


On the next steps, you will choose your billing cycle & proceed with the checkout, so we won’t include screenshots of those.

3. Accessing cPanel to use the file manager

Once your SSH/FTP cPanel storage has been provisioned & you’ve received the setup emails, you can access cPanel directly to use the file manager, create FTP accounts etc.


4. Create a directory using the File Manager

Once in cPanel you can use the File Manager to create a directory or multiple directories to organize your backups or any other data you’ll be storing on your storage plan. In this guide, we’ll create the directory of “wordpress-backups”. If you’re already familiar with this step, you can skip ahead.


After you’ve created the directories for your data to be organized, you can begin connecting & using them. For uploading data, you can connect with FTP/FTPS, SSH or simply upload files through the File Manager directly in your web browser.

Various applications can use storage connections for storing data, backups etc. Your login information & settings are provided via email when the SSH/FTP Storage plan is provisioned. This information would be in the format of username, hostname & port (port for use with SCP/SSH).

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our technical support for any assistance.